Nice to meet you!

My name is HIKARI!
This time Club Résistance
I will do as a human resources department!
From that of the Renji representative has been working hard in the SINCE YOU … head office each other friendly competition to seven years as a synchronous each other
! Who decided to come true with doing I want to make a completely new shop along with the new guys was also with two people of the dream in the
But those that the shop can not be of course a two-person !
We can not and must not have ” fellow ” !
I !! want to do a host
I think you !! and now always small everyone feels Naa do not fit ‘m in the shop
Please come to the briefing seen by all means !
” Thrilled ”
Be sure to give !
I would like to in such a shop !
Please try taking one step !
It will be possible to Hanahiraka increasing the life !
We look forward to…